image The Crown Jewel of Teas

The Crown Jewel of Teas

Naturally sweet with flavors of caramel mixed with vanilla. This caffeine-free tea is oh-so-refreshing. Our premium rooibos tastes like summer in your glass.

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image The Crown Jewel of Teas

Suzanne Klein [@TeaFoodie]

"I made boba for the first time at home. It’s so easy! ❤️

I used a refreshing Western Cape Rooibos from @upland.rooibos… awesome way to make a caffeine-free bubble tea.🧋


Wanna try it? I used black sugar tapioca pearls from @hmartofficial for the boba, raw desert blend honey from @trueloverawhoney for the sweetner, caffeine-free rooibos from @upland.rooibos for the tea, and dairy-free oat milk from @oatly to make it creamy.


I posted a recipe for Rooibos Honey Bubble Tea (Boba) on my cooking with tea blog, see link in profile. 😊 It was delish." See video here.

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