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The Crown Jewel Tea Bundle

The Crown Jewel Tea Bundle

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In 2022, entrepreneur, April Sheris, combined her love for tea with her passion for learning to create a premium rooibos blend for tea consumption now considered the Crown Jewel of Teas®. The full-bodied caramel flavor notes are inevitable and the soothing euphoria quickly transports you to tranquil moments. These have easily grown to be a favorite amongst many seasoned connoisseurs.

Celebrate the splendor and ingenuity of our popular herbal teas. Each flavor note was uniquely crafted to drink for social enjoyment of their sweet flavor and medicinal herbal properties. 

Share our finest ceremonial flavorings with the ones you love most with our 'The Crown Jewel Tea' Bundle. Cheers!




Consume: During the most memorable moments of the year
With: The people who know you best
How: With your favorite 'cena al fresco' dishes prepared by you


Western Cape Rooibos, Royal Golden Latte, and Chamomile Mint Rooibos

Tasting Notes: Full-bodied infusions of woody, sweet caramel, and refreshing Egyptian mint that pair well with many dishes on any given night. Rich in antioxidants with no caffeine, it is best served hot or iced.



Add 1 scoop to your tea infuser or muslin tea bag. Allow it to steep for 5 minutes. Then enjoy its natural essence or enhance it with one tablespoon of honey.

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Due to the nature of the product, no returns are accepted on our loose leaf tea or tea sachets.

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