Chamomile Mint Rooibos Syrup

Chamomile Mint Rooibos Syrup

Fall is right around the corner and we are sharing our Chamomile Mint tea simple syrup recipe. This simple syrup can be paired with just about anything: sparkling water, champagne, vodka, or soda water. Whatever you're in the mood for, this is truly going to be a great addition to your beverage.



Bring 4 cups of filtered water to a boil

Steep 4 teabags of Chamomile Mint Rooibos tea for 8 minutes.

Allow it to cool for three minutes.

Strain into a glass bottle and stir in a half cup of sugar for each cup of water until fully dissolved.


*Have some fun! Add a pinch of cotton candy, as garnishment, to the simple syrup. It's a festive addition to any tailgate refresher and will delight your guests.

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