Tea Ceremony as a Way of Life

In its simplest form, a tea ceremony is a ceremonial way of preparing and drinking tea. In fact, they are common in China, Korea, and Japan. You can also find a “tea culture” outside of Asia amongst Millennials. The practice can be a gateway to communing with yourself and creates space for you to reach a new level of intention, reflection, and mindfulness.

So, how do we create a Tea Ceremony? Start by choosing your favorite mug, preferably one that has meaning for you, then, choose your tea. We believe starting with our Western Cape Rooibos is great to enjoy the natural flavor of the honeybush while the calming essence of the tea creates a moment of stillness.

Next, you should find decorative or special containers that are visually appealing and help you to treat your tea ceremony as a sacred time. It’s also important to make sure you know how to brew your chosen tea blend for optimal flavor. Finally, select a schedule that you can commit to. Showing up for yourself at the same time on specified days is a form of self-care that demonstrates how important you are to yourself.

Sip consciously. Between sips, find something in your space or right outside your window to observe. Take in the colors, width or size, and distance. Then reflect on its use for a few minutes. This allows the mind to calm down and focus on a particular object. Enjoy the quietness in your space. Allowing your ears the chance to relax from processing sounds. Journal how you feel after your ceremony. Acknowledging your journey to solace from the beginning of your tea ceremony is an achievement and shows growth. Every sip is a rejuvenating journey to self!

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