Season Shifting Fitness: Walk When You Can't Run

Updated: Mar 25

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Walk for Your Health This Spring

Whether it is bikini season, time to strut your stuff on the streets of New York, or a case of throwing the kids in the car in a desperate bid to make the school run, there is no reason not to stay healthy. This doesn't mean the all-out exercise of finding those non-existent hours to hit the gym that others seem to always have, however.

We put together some easy-to-implement changes to your daily routine that are not life-changing but will help you do a little more towards getting back on the road to a healthier lifestyle. Walking is great for you, it not only keeps your muscles moving but it is a great way to clear your mind and gain some perspective. Get into them below.

Upland Tea House: Walk for Your Health this Spring
Walk for Your Health this Spring

Hit up your local roller rink. Its a fun way to catch up with friends while working towards heart health.

Consider parking further away from the store when shopping or running errands.

Get off the bus or train a stop early on your commute to the office and walk the rest of the way.

Invest in a step counter and aim for that elusive 10,000 a day.

In no time you will be striving towards that elusive 10 before 10.




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