Teas at Their Freshest Stage

Tea is our way of life. What started out as a journey for mental clarity, turned into a gateway of healing, mindfulness, and more. We truly believe that tea has the power to help us transcend the conscious mind and lead to healing the conscious. It was the healing benefits that Rooibos tea provided, with origins in the Cederberg region of the Western Cape, that inspired us to share its benefits with the world. So our foundation is steeped in Rooibos flavors we've loved from the beginning. Working in tandem with some of the leaders in the industry with more than 40 years of combined experience in the tea business, we work hard towards exceeding the benchmark with every purchase. 

Tea is Our Way of Life

We strive to procure teas at their freshest stage straight from our iconic tea estates in India and South Africa. We believe every patron deserves the 'tea at its beast'. We carry award-winning teas from different tea gardens, including Doke Green Diamond, Doke Black Fusion, Giddapahar Spring Wonder, and more.

Our Tea Masters know our gardens,  our suppliers, and masterfully execute the processes. But most importantly, we know our teas. We are not simply another tea company that stores all available teas. We meticulously curate our tea blends and ensure our estates meet a quality of excellence with every harvest.